So where did 'The Entertainer' brand come from?

Well we have grown from small family business into a national retail chain and we are still looking to expand our business. We know an awful lot about 'toys' and that knowledge is part of the key to our success. Here's an insight into our background from our Managing Director, Gary Grant:

Gary Grant- Founder

"When my wife, Cath, and I opened our first store in Amersham in 1981, we had no idea that buying and selling toys would become our life's work. Within a few years we had a dedicated team of people around us providing a dynamic, fast-moving and enthusiastic environment in the business. By 1990 we had three stores, now we have over 40 and have become the UK's largest independent toy retailer.

Toy retailing has become more competitive and challenging since those early days but I am as sure as ever that a willingness to work hard with honesty and enthusiasm is the most rewarding way to live and work and will keep The Entertainer on course for a successful future. With this spirit we can deliver outstanding service to our customers who should be the chief focus of all our work. It is my hope that our head office and warehouse staff provide outstanding service to the store teams and that in turn the stores will give the same.

This career site is your introduction into to the world of careers at The Entertainer. We will encourage you to join in fully with your team and offer you the opportunities to learn and develop. If we give you a position it will be because we see your potential and whatever your job, you will have a chance to do well and to make a difference to yourself as well as to The Entertainer. This will develop a loyalty towards the wider Entertainer team which will, I hope, bring you fulfillment as well as lots of challenges.

We are all on a journey, The Entertainer Way, towards our vision of The Ultimate Toyshop. On this journey we will develop work skills, unleash new talents and, hopefully, mature in keeping with the values of The Entertainer."


Gary Grant


So what does 'The Entertainer' sell?


Voted Toy Shop of the Year by the British Toy & Hobby Association, kids and adults alike will find thousands of products ranging from educational games to the latest, hottest toy trends. The toys we sell are selected very carefully, combining unique products from around the world to classic toys that educate, entertain and inform. We will only sell toys that have real play value and are good value for money.